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This fixed bearing unit is a pedestal bearing with preloaded axial angular contact ball bearings (including seals). Each fixed bearing unit consists of the following compontents: a bearing housing made of burnished steel with two axial angular contact ball bearings, preloaded with a flange, two seals with circlips and a lockable DRS groove nut (square nuts are used for smaller sizes).

Lowest dynamic load factor (kN)
(kN): 0.7113
Name Weight Dynamic
load factor
Price CAD Model
FK-06 0.1200 0.7 81.62 CAD Modell Details
FK-10 0.2500 1.9 91.16 CAD Modell Details
FK-12 0.2600 2.1 94.34 CAD Modell Details
FK-15 0.4000 2.4 125.08 CAD Modell Details
FK-17 0.8500 4.1 140.98 CAD Modell Details
FK-20 1.2000 4.2 156.88 CAD Modell Details
FK-25 1.6000 7 175.96 CAD Modell Details
FK-30 2.3800 9.2 200.34 CAD Modell Details

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Lowest dynamic load factor (kN)
(kN): 0.7113
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